Our Mission

To develop, run and manage complete web store solutions that encompass all club-to-member, member-to-member, NPO-to-supporter or supporter-to-supporter web-based transactions for enthusiast clubs and non-profits as well as simple to use shop-in-a-box corporate store solutions for business.

Who We Are

The leading supplier of shop-in-a-box web stores for clubs, associations, non-profits, charities and businesses where we do all of the work and our customers get the financial benefit without having to make any financial investment.

Our Profile

We are a software developer based in US and the UK that specialises in eCommerce web store solutions. We also host the web stores for our customers (Software as a Service - SaaS) and in the majority of cases manage the products in those stores.

We establish, manage and maintain supplier relationships with companies that can provide one-off, 'on-demand' and customized products which can be directly shipped to members, supporters or customers. We also squeeze the minimum volumes on traditional marketing promotional products to the lowest possible. We populate customer stores with these products and manage the catalog for them and we provide customer service to members and supporters on behalf of our customers.

Our management each has over 25 years in information technology and we have held positions at senior and Board levels in both public and private software companies. We have five years of experience providing 'Shop-in-a-Box' solutions for enthusiast clubs (we are club members ourselves!), non-profits, charities and business.

We pride ourselves on knowing the markets we serve, understanding the needs and constraints of brand identity and usage, and in developing solutions that are not only relevant but simple, time saving and require no skills on the part of our customers to use.

We are the complete 'Shop-in-a-Box' company.

Where We Deliver

Anywhere in the world!

Our customers are in the US and the UK but their web stores can deliver to most countries around the globe. With connections from our stores directly to courier services such as FedEx and UPS and shipments via USPS or Royal Mail, we can provide a worldwide service for our customers.

What We Offer

A range of web store solutions targeted at specific markets: from a simple logo store that is populated with products that Firefox sources to a comprehensive club store with logo gear, car products, event management, classified adverts and links to Amazon.com and eBay. Firefox stores also allow our customers to add their own items.

All Firefox products have built-in payment gateways which use the Firefox Merchant Services through PayPal or SafeSave (a $5 Billion payment service for non-profist and charities). This alleviates the problems of selling on the web that many clubs, non-profits and businesses find challenging. The stores can also handle multiple supply-side vendors which can be managed by Firefox or by Firefox clients. This flexibility expands the potential of Firefox stores substantially.

The combination of powerful web store software with services hosted and managed by Firefox, along with Firefox managed suppliers, Firefox managed secure payment gateways, and Firefox managed customer service delivers a one shopping cart, one checkout and one payment experience for club members, non-profit supporters and business end-customers and partners no matter where the products come from.

We offer the complete 'Shop-in-a-Box' solution.

Team Work

Essential to our success and our customer's success is team work. We work closely with our customers to help them succeed and we have a highly praised standard of customer service which we strive to maintain at all times.

It is team work between Firefox and our customers that makes for a successful partnership.